How long does it take?

Basic Cleans take around 2 hours, although 3 bedroom homes (and larger) may take a bit longer. Deep Cleans can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending on the size of your home.

How does pricing work?

We ask for the number of bedrooms in your home to get a sense for its size and usage. If you only want us to clean specific areas, we still recommend that you book for the total number of actual bedrooms in your home. We spend a majority of our time in the kitchen, bathrooms, and common areas.

How do you get into my home?

Just let us know your preference. If you would like to issue us a key for future cleanings, it can be handed to your cleaners or dropped off at our office at 1627 20th Street via our mailbox. We store your keys safely and anonymously in our secure lockbox. We are also happy to access an on-site lockbox or obtain keys from the front desk of your building when given permission.

Do you send the same cleaners each time?

We do our best to send the same team members to your home, it’s better for everyone. If certain cleaners are unavailable we make sure that your appointment is honored with other members of our wonderful staff.

How is your team selected?

We only hire experienced professionals who go through a rigorous process before on-boarding at BerryClean including multiple interviews, a background check, and a test day with our training manager. Once an offer is extended, the new cleaner is overseen by a training manager for their first two weeks until they are performing at BerryClean’s level of quality and efficiency. 

How do you accept payment?

When payment information is entered, it is automatically encrypted by our partner Stripe. The card is charged upon completion of each appointment and a receipt is emailed to the address on file.

What happens in case of a late cancellation or lockout?

Because we set our team’s schedules in advance, a late cancellation fee of $75 will be applied to appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the start time. The fee also applies if our cleaners are unable to enter the home. For example, if the resident is not home or we have not been given access in another way.

What about the team’s safety?

The team is instructed not to lift anything weighing over 25 pounds or make use of stepladders or stools. For Deep Cleans we are happy to clean windows within reach of our extenders. For tall or difficult window washing we have a great window washing company we can recommend. If you would like us to clean behind furniture, please move it in advance of our arrival. If there are any safety hazards in your home like loose flooring or electrical, please let us know in advance at info@berryclean.com so we can be sure the team is aware. We only clean interior spaces. Our insurance does not cover outdoor/patio cleaning or exterior window washing. 

What kind of cleaning products do you use?

We primarily use San Francisco-based plant-derived Method Products to help you keep a clean and happy home. Below is a complete list of the products we use:

  • Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner

  • Method Glass + Surface Naturally Derived Glass Cleaner

  • Method Stainless Steel Polish

  • Method Granite Cleaner

  • Method Wood for Good Polish

  • Method Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Method Bathroom Natural Tub + Tile Cleaner

  • Dawn Professional

  • Bon Ami

  • Simple Green Degreaser

  • Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

  • Bona Stone, Tile, & Laminate Floor Cleaner

  • Miele vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and professional flat mops

If you would like us to be 100% green we are happy to use vinegar, water, and baking soda, just let us know in advance.

Some projects require a little more elbow grease so we bring Clorox along just in case and often use it for Deep Cleans. If you have scheduled a Deep Clean and do not want the team to use Clorox, just let us know.

Can you tell me a little more?

A big difference between BerryClean and other services is that we pay our team well and make them full-time employees, not contractors. We pay our cleaners above minimum wage and also provide more than the minimum required Paid-Time-Off, meaning our labor cost is much higher than other services. We’re happy to do this because we think happier employees lead to happier customers and happier homes.

We ‘re building a better home cleaning company by doing the right thing for both our team and our customers.


Still have questions? Reach us anytime using the form below.

We look forward to helping you keep a Happy Home!

- Barry, Chief Clean Officer

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